Diving in thailand is always fun

Many diving spots that offer outstanding underwater scenery one of them on Rachai Yai Island – Phuket Thailand. Rachai is the best diving island that has the beauty of spectacular marine life. The currents on the island are strong enough so that only experienced and experienced divers can do it. Tourist can avail the thailand diving liveaboard  services there for best experiences.

Diving is one way to enjoy the amazing underwater life. you will know the creation of another god that is not less beautiful and fascinating. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this activity, because diving requires special skills and must have a license.

Scuba diving one of the dive activities done at a certain depth with vulnerable time long enough. Therefore, require complete equipment such as regulators, BCD, tanks, google, frog legs, oxygen canisters, and so on.
all will be paid if you get to the bottom of the sea and see the incredible creation of God. There will be hordes of colorful fish, coral reefs, to the mossy wrecks.

Rachai Yai, indeed one of the ideal spots in Phuket Thailand. This place has a lot of artificial corals made of steel and concrete hollow rocks, then there is the wreck of a fishing boat made of wood and has landed also become the residence of the fish.

Diving is a very fun activity, underwater scenery will really make the eyes stunned, its beauty can not be described with words, no sense of satisfaction will be immeasurable. Definite dives will be a row of experience that will not be forgotten. Always expected to look out divebooker site to give you more information about diving in thailand.

With excellent underwater scenery and clear water, colorful tropical fish and corals, Thailand also welcomes thousands of divers. Various diving trips and numerous islands await divers of all levels.